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Anonymous asked:

Where is Sketched? What's she up to?

Hey! I’m currently attending Univeristy and got accepted into a super rigorous program, so I’m kind of dying over here… my hooves are tied and I’m going insane! But I’m still living!

… sort of.


((Sorry for the inactivity guys! I’ve been really busy with work, other art, my husband, and school… Also I keep getting sick.
I do have a bit of an actual story arc coming up for WHN so stay tuned! -Psst, Ky… the Jack@$$ pppsssstt-
Don’t forget to watch Ask Pencil Sketch for updates on the Sketched & Pence story! We’ll keep reblogging and sometimes replying here, but watch him anyways!
Thanks for being so patient guys! Updates & answers will be coming soon,
including an ANIMATION (that’s to you, paper, fyi).))


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