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Anonymous asked:

Where is Sketched? What's she up to?

Hey! I’m currently attending Univeristy and got accepted into a super rigorous program, so I’m kind of dying over here… my hooves are tied and I’m going insane! But I’m still living!

… sort of.


((Sorry for the inactivity guys! I’ve been really busy with work, other art, my husband, and school… Also I keep getting sick.
I do have a bit of an actual story arc coming up for WHN so stay tuned! -Psst, Ky… the Jack@$$ pppsssstt-
Don’t forget to watch Ask Pencil Sketch for updates on the Sketched & Pence story! We’ll keep reblogging and sometimes replying here, but watch him anyways!
Thanks for being so patient guys! Updates & answers will be coming soon,
including an ANIMATION (that’s to you, paper, fyi).))


paperanomaly asked:

Also, I think just seeing all those words that many times, and not getting mad by it finally made me drop it. I'm not getting upset about it anymore. That's the weird thing, -insert blah blah blah- and I finally just drop it. Well, i think tonight i finally dropped it for good. Soooo... Looking forward to ponies! :3 And prepare for some ass-kissing. It's about you two deserve some positivity from me. hope u had a good day today

I wish I could believe what you’re saying here, but it’s hard for me to do so given what’s happened. If you’re being sincere, that’s just great and it is a relief to hear such words from you.
Also I do think I owe you an apology for being so harsh. You just make me very frustrated and angry when you randomly attack Ky over old, old things and when you use things like her music taste and religion to do so. It’s just very unfair and pointless, you know? That being said, I don’t think I should’ve called you spineless and pathetic so many times, though I can’t say I didn’t mean it when I did. Anger is a powerful thing!

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